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I wish I could stop dreaming about you every night, because once I wake up, you’re not there. And I know you never will be.
Anonymous said: Even if you don't believe that I miss you, I do. You've crossed my mind more than once since the last time we've spoken.

Woah, this caught me off guard. Really wondering who this might be..

"He’ll never love you like he loved her."
had a bad view of the sunset from the beach house
you never leave my mind // 12:48 am
i am forever paler than everyone on earth
i wrote this right when i woke up this morning so don’t hate me if it sucks
my best friend is a princess.
I am awake late at night thinking about you, when I know you’re asleep, dreaming of someone who’s not me.
celebrating at lex’s yesterday
i wrote a thing
sunsets are my favorite
from summer

to wear black on valentines day

or to wear black on valentines day

that is the question

hawaiian waters